But is it Art?


Spunk has taken to killing napkins, making the world a safer place one napkin at a time, bet he also leaves napkin carcasses strewn all over the floor. Is it art?  I finally had to retire the printout of a spreadsheet I was using as a placemat on my desk at the office after it got enough coffee dribbles and tears that I couldn’t read the various notes and phone numbers I had scribbled on it. After Bruce and I decided it was too artsy for the trash can, I hung on the wall where a picture frame once hung. While most people don’t even notice it, it’s been a toss up among the people who have noticed it whether or not it’s art. After my boss finally noticed it he asked me why I had a piece of trash hanging on the wall. Sean suggested I clip the dollar bill to it. Other people have said “Hmmm! But is it art?”


18 thoughts on “But is it Art?

  1. Napkins are dangerous entities! As are paper towels. Our Three Sisters kitties rolled an office chair under the paper towel dispenser, and unwound and destroyed an entire roll of towels. Quite pleased they were! A Work of Art? They probably just considered it a job well done. Perhaps the same thing in their case and Spunk’s. 🙂 Your photos on the wall there at work? Beautiful! Works of Art!

      • I’ve seen all kinds of things labeled as art over the years, which included the time a fellow 4th grade girl painted a boy’s face purple during art class. The teacher and the purple boy did not consider it art, but she did. She got in trouble anyway. So I consulted the house felines on the subject. The unaminous decision from the cat crew: “If the creator considers it art, then it is art.” I have to agree with them.

      • Right! If I say it’s art it’s art! But not everyone agrees. I suggested wading up the paper, putting it in a jar and peeing on it. After discussing the artistic precedence of peeing on things in jars, all three of us agreed that would definitely make it art 😉

  2. See, when I saw your thingie hanging on the wall, I figured that you had just gotten confused and hung it there so you wouldn’t lose it or something.

  3. If you say it’s art then it’s art but I bet if you posted a ragged frame around it or placed a name tag below it then anyone walking by it would see it as ‘art’ right off. I think most people are programmed to perceive something as art if it’s set on a pedestal, named with a tag or surrounded by a frame. 🙂

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