New Cat on the Block


A kitten adopted our friend Vanessa, but she couldn’t keep it. Since we are down a couple of cats we decided to take him. So far the other cats are nominally accepting him. Rosencrantz has been the most welcoming so far, but none of our kitties have out right attacked him. In the first few hours after arriving, he ambushed Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Diné and they hardly reacted. He very slowly and timidly crept by Mama Manx while she growled at him, but she only growled. At the moment we are calling him Spunky, as he is working very hard to get into trouble, but he may end up with another name as we get to know him better.




Vanessa and Spunky

21 thoughts on “New Cat on the Block

  1. What an angelic face on that kitty and a beautiful photo of Vanessa with him! Spunky ambushed Mama Manx? The Elder Cats will teach him quickly. If Mama Manx boots him into orbit you could always call him Sputnik. 🙂

    • Hi Mia! He went from Spunky to Spunk, but you can see he started out a good model, and ready to get into trouble from day one.

      • Hi Tim! When I loaded the reader to see today’s post, that post was previewed at the bottom, there was no way I could pass it up. Spunk is a Superstar, I think they’re born that way.

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