I Mustache You A Question


“Do you, by chance, have anymore rats?”  Blue was hunting, and giving me her “please feed me” looks while I was working on the darkroom. I just fed her last week, but it’s been warm, so she thinks she ready for a couple more rats. She’s not always the best model because when she’s out of her cage she won’t hold still — always looking for some trouble to get into — but she was really getting into some great poses between her begging, being pitiful and acting cute. Tristan came up with the title.






24 thoughts on “I Mustache You A Question

  1. When I was little, I used to watch Dr Who through my fingers, too afraid to watch but too afraid to miss! These photos take me back to that dilemma! I have an aversion to snakes, even pictures, but can, nevertheless, see what great photos these are! 9Even with my eyes half closed!

    • Thanks, Julia! Thirty years ago or so, we had a friend who was a Stewardess, and happened to be terrified of snakes like you describe. From time-to-time she would be laid over in Albuquerque, and would come a visit. On one visit she all of a sudden became curious about our snake. We had a 12 foot long Burmese python at that time, which you can imagine was a very large snake. She started asking questions about it’s temperament, what it looked like, where we kept it, etc. It had a large enclosure in the study, she was a sweet snake, and liked to be handled. After while our friend asked if she could take a peek at the snake. She gathered all her strength and timidly peaked at the python who was curled up next to the glass in her enclosure. Our friend said she didn’t look as scary as she imagined, and after looking at the snake through the glass for quite some time, asked if she could touch it. I opened the door to the cage, and our friend took some time, but finely touched the snake. “Oh she’s smooth and dry!” our friend said with much surprise. She was expecting snakes to feel slimy I guess. Then she asked me to take the snake out so she could see how long it was. I wrestled the snake out of her enclosure and took her into the living room where she stretched out on the floor. Our friend had become fascinated, and stoked the python as it crawled around on the floor. From when our friend asked to see the snake to getting the snake out had taken about two hours, but our friend was conquering a life-long phobia. After another 30 minutes of watching the python explore, petting it and lifting sections of the snake, our friend asked if she could hold the python. After spending three hours in the company of a giant snake, our friend had over come her fear, and had me taking photos of her with a 12 foot long, 75 pound python draped over her shoulders. “My mom and my friends will not believe this!” she said. But we had got it well documented on film.

      • I can’t even imagine doing what your friend did; she’s braver than me! It sounds as though you could run some sort of therapy centre! 🙂

      • Not surprised. Unfortunately, cats make snacks for all kinds of critters, including their much larger cousins the cougars. Glad the snakes and kitties are kept separated. Still love those snakes though. They are good folk.

  2. Yuck I don’t like snakes knew someone long ago had a snake his house smelled funky I asked what that smell was said it was his snake got up to look at the snakes glass tank where he kept that thing in, it looked clean but it stunk. 2 things I can’t look at snakes & rats. Snakes belong in the wildlife.

    • Depends on the snake. Some snakes are notorious for spraying their cages so they always stink. Most snakes will stay clean and not stink if you keep their cages and water clean.

  3. Great snake pictures–Blue even looks friendly–makes one appreciate the beauty of snakes.

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