Sponge Bob and the Studebaker


Laurie told me the “cheesy” looking character showing much delight overing seeing a tricked out, classic Studebaker parked in front of him is Sponge Bob! Laurie got excited enough about coming across such a finely restored old Studebaker pickup truck, that she stopped, parked her car, got out, and photographed it from different angles.





17 thoughts on “Sponge Bob and the Studebaker

  1. What a fantastic old truck. I’m not really a car buff, but even I would stop and have a look. And so does Sponge Bob by the look of it. 😉

    • Thanks! Sponge Bob really adds to the first photo — although, while I had heard of Sponge Bob, I had never paid attention to what he looked like, so I thought he was a happy piece of Swiss cheese. Thel Laurie corrected me, and told me “everyone knows what Sponge Bob looks like!” Hmmm! Everyone but me!

      • Great cartoon! I used to watch it with my daughter. I admit, I still tune in every now and then, whenever I’m in a silly mood.

      • We haven’t had a TV in over 30 years, so I’ve never seen most popular TV shows. Although, I have seen some series like the Red Green Show on DVD after seeing clips on youtube.

      • Yeah! Red Green is great. I especially like the Handyman Corner. I was working on our truck’s window today and thinking I should get a mixer and make it into a “Redneck” power window like Red Green;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uG6grzdUf8. We mostly watch French movies, so their is probably a bit of a Canadian/French connection there somehow.

  2. What a great and beautiful car! But would I trade my new XC60 for one…?? Hmm… don’t think so! 😉

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