Pass the Hat

October is the birthday month for our family. We celebrated Laurie’s and her mom’s birthdays tonight, out on the the deck. Even though I had the outdoor heater running, it still got cold enough to pull out the jackets, fleece blankets and the hats. The nights have been cool enough for the vines to turn red and the cottonwoods to turn yellow. The long photo is of a volunteer cottonwood that came in with the ditch water, which is only about 8 years old. The fifth photo gives you one of our views of the layers of cottonwoods that we see from the house. A bee flew into the Zipper Spider’s web and the spider pounced on it and wrapped it in silk in seconds. The last two photos show the Zipper with her bee right after she wrapped in up and her in action fixing her web after the capturing the bee. She let it dangle on a strand of silk while she worked on her web, and then ate it for breakfast.