Beauties and Beasts

We went to the 24th Old Church Fine Arts Show at the Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales this afternoon. The show runs through October 14th, but our good friend and fellow photographer, Susan,  has a wonderful photo of a lily in the show, so we went to the opening. While looking at the paintings and photos, we got on the subject of manipulating photographs. There are many purists who think you should use photos how ever they come out of the camera. I’m of the opinion that if it calls for manipulation, manipulate the heck out of it!  The post processing is where a lot of the art comes into photography, especially digital photography, with all the great software that’s available. One can argue that it has more to do with a person skill at using the software — but I say that’s part of the art. After spending years in the darkroom, manipulating images with chemicals and dies, dodging, burning and using exotic films and papers to get various effects, I view the digital darkroom as much safer, more environmentally friendly avenue for manipulating images, and a whole lot more fun. So to celebrate the art of manipulating photos, I manipulated some of the photos I took of some of the beauties and beasts I encountered downtown on my way to and from the Man’s Hat Shop at lunchtime today.