Bring Me Rain

Last night we were sitting on the deck talking, when Laurie got up and said what’s this? I pulled out my flashlight and it was a wolf spider with a bunch of baby wolf spiders clinging to her back. I gave Laurie the flashlight and grabbed my camera, which I had on the table. The spider seemed to be attracted to the light and posed while I photographed her.

Our weeping lavender red bud was nicely backlit against the gazing ball for a moment when the sun peeked out between the clouds. Otherwise, the light was pretty dull tonight as dry thunderheads blew in from the west.

5 thoughts on “Bring Me Rain

  1. At the expense of sounding as though I cannot discriminate – in that I seem to exclaim that each series exceeds the remarkable art and detail of the previous – THIS SET is INCREDIBLE!!! Yes, nice to have the camera a the ready – awesome to even notice the spider with the babies!!! The transluscence of the leaf and color saturation is fabulous – the sky’s clouds pierced by the sunbeams is magic – but with all those dramatic clouds today…still no rain!! (wish this box had spell-check!)

  2. These ARE really good Tim. I like how giant the screw head looks next to the spider. My poor friend Connie, the bear hunter, would freak out at that pic though–I think spiders are her only fear.
    I love the depth and perspective in the amazing cloud picture, the picket fence adds some neat dimension to it.

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