Whatcha Lookin’ At?

One for Sam!

This is the neighbor’s rooster who is getting slowly better at crowing. After I turned off the irrigation water I was walking by the fence and saw him eyeing me through the crack between the posts.

As pesky as dandelions are, they are beautiful in the morning sun. Our America roses are doing about the best they’ve ever done, producing lots of really nice blooms. Laurie pointed this one out that was staring at her with its perfect pinwheel center this morning.

Stretch was lounging on the deck this morning with the other cats. The water still surrounded the deck, so they all laid around the edge of the deck waiting for the water to soak in. I had put some new mulch by one of the steps a couple of weeks ago, so it looked like dry ground floating on the water. Stretch got a couple of wet paws when he started to walk on the new, floating mulch.

The echinaceas are starting to bloom, which means lots of insects will be flocking to them, giving me lots of work with my macro lens.

Stretch On Deck

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