Pull for Stretch

Stretch Drinking

Poor Stretch is in the kitty hospital tonight. After the smoke rolled in three weeks ago, we noticed Stretch started to go downhill. He has kidney problems, but he had been doing really well for the last three years. I took him to vet this afternoon and his BUN and creatinine levels were really high. Stretch was drinking lots of water so he wasn’t dehydrated, but his kidneys still are not functioning very well.  The vet is giving him extra fluids and meds to try and get his kidneys functioning well again.

Laurie wanted a photo of the moon, so I included what I saw snapped through my latest lens recently. It’s amazing what you can see on the moon with a good lens!

The lady bag larvae caught my eye because there are two that are still in full larvae stage and one turning into a lady bug.

One of our Mermaids bloomed, and the speaker at the Men’s breakfast this morning holds out the first American Flag. He was interesting, but we have issues with some of his takes on the history of the American revolution.

Lady Bug Larvae
First American Flag