We Live Among the Creatures of the Night

The mama coon had five babies under the deck tonight. I get the feeling she was babysitting, since they normally don’t all of a sudden have another litter the same age. Laurie heard her growling under the deck and Puck came out from under it and wanted in. He must have been under the deck pestering them.

The mama growled at us a couple of times and then decided to take off. The babies started to follow, but when they saw us, they came back and acted cute. The runt started to get up on the deck to check us out, but we told him follow his mama. and Laurie reminded them they would be in trouble with their mama if they didn’t move along.

I went in and got my camera, and pulled out my flashlight to get some extra light on them. That was enough for them to skeedaddle off toward the shed in search of their mama. I’m not sure if they found her, but they’ve been banging around in the shed ever since.

I heard a thump and something rubbed against my leg, but I didn’t see anything. Then another rub against my leg, I looked around a little harder and found Lola, our neighbor’s little black cat, under my chair. We can hear the coons messing around, so she’s sticking close to me, looking warily out towards the shed. I don’t see any lights on at the neighbor’s house, so she may be stuck outside for the night.

Guildenstern posed on a stump for me tonight; Peace was protected by thorny surroundings, while a dragonfly basked in the late afternoon sunshine.

Laurie took Stretch into the vet this morning and all his values are going back up, so now we have to water board him every day. Water boarding and giving him all his meds are a real ordeal for all of us.

Guildenstern on a Stump

Stretch in the Catio

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