Beetle Bailey

We “water boarded” Stretch tonight. Water boarding involves wrapping him in a towel to restrain him, sticking an IV just under the skin between his shoulder blades, then holding him until 150 ml of solution drips under his skin. He ends up with a big bump of water under his skin that soaks in and helps flush his kidneys. It’s torture for poor Stretch, but necessary.

He’s doing pretty well but probably has an inner ear infection which is causing him to be unbalanced, hold his head funny and not want to eat as much. Laurie’s taking him in tomorrow morning to get his ears checked. Since he’s already on an antibiotic, the Vet said she may just give him medicine to  make him not feel dizzy so he can eat.

I got a beetle to pose for me tonight. It seemed kind of lazy so it reminded me of Beetle Bailey. Believe it or not, I think it was a little cold. The cool air was rolling in about 8:00 pm when I found it while out looking at the garden. Even though it was 100º F this afternoon, it’s already down to about 60º F in the garden.

Gemini is a very photogenic rose, and it almost always looks better in a photo than in person. Some of our fancy day lilies are starting to bloom, and Honey Perfume had some interesting scalloping on one of its blooms tonight.


Honey Perfume

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