64 thoughts on “Ink

    • Thanks for acknowledging the poem, Amy Rose. That’s a lot of ink on that guy, but I’ll be posting more colorful inked men in the future.

  1. Brilliant haiku and photo pairing. I must admit I am curious about the context. Someone wanted a photo shoot done so he took his shirt off in front of a sign that said “Ink” (and other things)? Is this a promotional shoot for a new tattoo parlor?

    • Thanks, JYP. I’m happy you liked the Inku. I guess other people were too shocked by the inked man to notice the poem or comment on it. Or they thought the poem sucked.

      I was asked to photograph a tattoo conference some years ago. I was looking for other old photos when I came across the tattoo conference. I posted only a couple of photos from that conference way back when. I made the rest of the photos available to the participants.

      • They network and tattoo each other at tattoo conferences. There are vendors selling inks and tattoo supplies as well. Why WP spams your answer to my comment is beyond me.

  2. Great shot ~ the background contrasts and highlights the tattoos, and those are incredible tattoos… you can really make out the detail. So… what tattoo did you end up getting?!? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That ink is really well done and I even like the artistic liberties done on Lisa. That either took a lot of planning (certainly many sittings that’s for sure) or his chosen artists have definitely mastered canvas spacing. That rib and elbow work will test your manliness. Personally would not put one where there is a good chance it will distort as the body changes (as in lower sides), but ink placement is personal and kudos for achieving his vision.

    • And who shall come to judge the quick and the dried ink? Timothy borrowing from Timothy. Thanks, David.

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