October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While this display is appropriate for breast cancer awareness month, in reality, it’s the aftermath of an office baby shower for a guy. Also appropriate, in my personal opinion. One of our staff member’s wife is having a baby soon (the due date is my birthday), so our thoughtful staff gave him a baby shower. I’m a curmudgeon, therefore, I would never think of doing something thoughtful like giving a guy a baby shower. I would certainly consider giving him a cigar, but I think cigars are forboden these days.

When I asked the office manager about the two balloons, she said she thought there were originally three balloons. When I got back from the eye doctor, a third balloon had attached itself to the glass.

There are several more balloons taped along the bottom edge of the glass on the outside of the cubicle. In what I assume was a baby shower game, each staff member wrote their guesses of the weight of the baby on the balloons. The staff and the balloons patiently wait for the weight of the newborn.

If anyone is curious about the silver bowling pin with AIA on it, the father-to-be is an excellent bowler and he with a few other staff members won The American Institute of Architects bowling tournament earlier in the year.

47 thoughts on “October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    • We have a lot of women staff members who think about stuff like that. We men at the office are clueless clods when it comes to things like baby showers. Thanks, Susan.

  1. I have learned much here tonight – about people, showering of gifts, architects bowling, I could go on. The number of cigar aficionados is dwindling rapidly.

  2. I agree, thanks for sharing, Tim. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. My mother ended up raising six younger siblings when he died as my grandfather fell apart after his wife’s death.

    The guy baby shower was a nice touch by your office, too. It works. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have known what to do in this case except cigars for those men who like them. One of my uncles was a cigar smoker. When he died, my aunt kept his humidor, and would open it now and then to remember him.

  3. LMAO Tim.. A 3’fer and we get to cry in sadness over Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrate the baby coming, take shots at the balloon weighing. What a feather in his cap and yours for being creative and not such a curmudgeon … to post it. You get lots of credit for that.
    Fun post! 👏😎😆

    • Now you know about baby showers for men. Everyone is susceptible to breast cancer. Thanks, einfachtilda.

  4. I love it because the men always play second fiddle to the baby shower, even if it’s a joint one so the fact your office threw one for him is more than wonderful.
    LOVE the pink balloons! Definitely appropriate for this month !

    • Thanks, Dale. When I was a kid the concept of a baby shower was very strange. I couldn’t understand why a bunch of women wanted to get to gether and shower.

  5. It is always interesting seeing what personal items folks have on their desk/in their cubicle. Put us down for 7 lbs 2 ounces (if entries are still open) 😉

  6. When I first visited the States in 1966, it so happened I was pregnant with my son….I was invited to someone’s house….and when I arrived lots of people called out ‘Surprise Surprise’ and indeed I was because at that time I had never heard of a baby shower…although now I think they are quite popular in the UK!

      • That’s how I got my stage name El Cheo. One of our architects thought I needed a stage name when we were performing flamenco in the 90s. He asked me what curmudgeon was in Spanish. It’s “cascarrabias” which is not a good stage name. I asked our Cuban friends what a curmudgeon was in Cuban Spanish and they said “El Cheo” so I took El Cheo as my stage name.

    • What I’m getting to do for my birthday is to prepare to get a camera shoved up my butt. I’ve been trying to get my healthcare providers (insurance) to schedule a colonoscopy for almost a year now. Their excuse as to why they haven’t scheduled a colonoscopy for me is that they are behind on behinds because of COVID (you know the convenient excuse for why “our service sucks” is because of COVID). I called my oncologist and asked for advice. His nurse referred me to a local gastroenterology center, which is only five minutes from my office. I called the LGC at 2:00 this afternoon, they asked me to come in at 3:00 for a prescreening and then made an appointment for a colonoscopy on Thursday. Now that’s service. What my healthcare provider (insurance) hasn’t been able to schedule in a year’s time, took only a couple of hours for the small LGC. Probably not the answer about my birthday that you were expecting or really wanted, but you got it. Thanks, JYP.

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