Office View

Pre-Dawn Sky

I had to take a car in for repair and go to a meeting first thing this morning, so I had to photograph the balloons on my way out of the office. Our office building is close to the balloon field.

66 thoughts on “Office View

    • Most of the folks in the other offices in the complex were out watching balloons. Thanks, Bruce.

  1. I can imagine going to work with such a beautiful view of all those impressive ballons will make you feel good…

    • It is fantastic. I’m lucky that I live across the river from the balloon field and our office is just down the street from it. I get the balloons at home and at work. Thanks, Samantha.

  2. That is a very textured pre-dawn sky. The clouds look like they are alive.

    The color and variety of balloons is always a pleasure to see every year. Thanks, Tim!

  3. Okay, that’s just plain scary watching the fire go up into the balloon. I’m surprised they don’t catch fire. Too much excitement for me. Although fun to watch! xx

    • The envelopes are huge so the flame has plenting of space to heat.. They do catch them on fire now and then. Thanks, Resa.

      • True!
        Hey when I used sewing machines, I sewed through a finger many times. The industrial machine’s needle’s could go through bone.
        I hand sew now. I had enough of machines!

      • ¡A la Machina! So many years ago when I worked on building portable buildings, we used drills that were on all the time that had clutches that engaged the bit when you pushed down on it to screw in the screws. I was screwing down floorboard really fast when a misjudged and screwed my finger to the floor. I had to use my free hand to pull 50 feet of cord over and using my free fingers on my hand screwed to the floor, twist the plug to unplug the drill so I could put it in reverse. Once the drill was in reverse, I had to plug the drill back in and I was able to unscrew my finger from the floor. My finger was a bloody mess and I had to file a bunch of paperwork because it was a job related accident.

        Then there was the time the x-acto knife I was using wasn’t so exact and I sliced off the side of my finger cutting mats in the photo lab at the university. I took the piece of finger and myself to the emergency room where they sewed the piece of my finger back on.

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