25 thoughts on “Laundered

  1. Sentry of the Laundry… Laundered! This is great. I remember in a tiny casita in Santa Fe where you couldn’t misplace a fork, I’d lose my cat. I’d shake my head and give up looking under the bed or in the tub splayed out on the cool surface… and go back to… yeah, whatever chore or activity was next. Was I about to resume reading a book? There he was sitting on it. Was I about to do laundry? There he was sitting on it. I wondered one day if I should just stop scheduling or planning things because my Kitty Admin had that covered and taken care of, literally.

    • Guildenstern, who was one of our Y2K cats, was always around. However, I noticed that whenever I had to take him to the vet he would disappear. I had to cancel more than one vet appointment because I could not find him. After I cancelled the appointment, he would magically reappear. I finally decided he must be looking at the calendar on my computer. I quit putting his appointments on my calendar, and we never missed another appointment after that.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. All the kitties get into it, but Spunk was being the most photogenic about it.

    • Our laundry gets so cated that it comes out of the washing machine covered with cat hair. Spunk likes to do his part to get our clothing back to full cat fur level. Thanks, Resa.

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