46 thoughts on “Damsel & Frog

  1. Nice pairing. Great shots. Stunning really. As I looked at the frog, love that Animalcouriers expressed the frog has a look of great character, and…

    Are they Greek Tragedy shots? Circle of life? Is the frog looking up at the damselfly for its next meal?

  2. Your photography would make the most beautiful coffee table book. Have you published your work? Your. Photography is always crisp and detailed, the Damselfly is perfection and the green frog is beautiful, I hope he doesn’t make a meal of her.

  3. A beautiful damselfly, Tim, and the frog is perfect. I enjoy seeing the wild denizens of your area as much as the kitties, birds and snake. 🙂

    How is Blue these days?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Blue is big, fat and hungry. I fed her two x-large rats last week and she begging for more rats already.

  4. Love the captures.
    Funny story… my neighbor has a pool and she was out sitting on her raft. Then a damsel came and sat on her finger. Not once but several times. And the damsel literally was staring at her.
    The next day the damsel did the same thing!

    • I’m not surprised. We had a paper wasp who came every morning over one summer to get a drop of syrup from us. One morning we had pancakes, and the wasp insisted on eating the syrup on the pancakes. I would shoo him off and he’d come right back. We finally put a drop of syrup on the table and he was good with that. He’s was waiting for us the next morning, and it continued all summer long. I figured he’s tell his buddies, but he was smart and kept a good thing for himself.

  5. Your photography is beautiful Tim. I love close ups of our insects, especially bees and other creatures. The frog is amazing. Beautiful work my friend. Love 💕 Joni

      • Tim I had a heck of a time getting into your site and commenting. It wanted me to continue putting my info in. Am I doing something wrong. You have a lot of great stuff I couldn’t seem to be able to comment on. I read a lot of your lyrics to your songs which are really great fun and entertaining but I couldn’t comment on those either. You are a great photographer, not that I am surprised but you can tell you are a lover of nature and so am I. Love, hugs, and blessings to you and yours. 🌸🌺❤️Joni

      • Hi Joni,

        If you were on the T&L site, where all my parodies before 2019 are, it is more difficult to comment on that site. You have to fill in your info to comment.

        There is a link to each post that is on the T&L blog on my WordPress site where it’s normally easier to comment. However, WordPress gets weird. I find it impossible to comment directly on some WordPress sites, and I can only comment through the Reader. It’s very frustrating. You might be experiencing that on my WordPress site. I have not control over that issue.

      • I assumed as much. That is what was happening I was trying to comment on lyrics and it kept taking me back to the log in page. Regardless my husband and I both are really enjoying your site. You are one multi-talented man. I bet your wife has some artistic skills of her own. It is a blessing in this day and age to have a spouse who is also your best friend. So we are very blessed my friend. Have a great rest of your week, Tim. I haven’t forgot about the other thing and am working on it. Hugs to you and your sweetie. Joni

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