26 thoughts on “Five Photo Wedding

  1. Aw! Congratulations to your friends on their nuptials! I guarantee they couldn’t have found a better photographer for the occasion than you. Love the container those flowers are in.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. The wedding was not at all tradition. It was fun with a lot of great music. I don’t generally do weddings these days, but I make exceptions for special friends. I decided to do video with my phone, so I was doing video with one hand while snapping stills with the other. A bit out of the ordinary, but it worked out pretty well.

  2. Wonderful to see wedding photographs that capture all the incidental details. My favorite is the sheet music and instrument. Many amateur photographers like me wouldn’t have the courage or technical proficiency for documenting weddings so I appreciate you sharing your talent.

    • Thanks. Weddings are difficult. There is a lot of managing the event photographers end up doing just because we learn how weddings work from photographing weddings, and often the wedding party is stressed and freaking out over the details. So the photographers often end up managing things. This wedding was vary informal, so I didn’t have to do any directing other than the family portraits, and making sure I got everything covered the bride and groom wanted covered. I took video for the first time, so that’s going to be a lot of processing. I won’t do weddings these days unless it’s a close friend or a very simple wedding. More formal weddings demand high quality, well produced video, drone coverage if they are out doors, and lots of stills. The average price paid for wedding photography in the USA is $11,000. I’m not set up to do the kind of wedding coverage most people want these days.

      • Wow…thank you for that staggering information. My wife and I got married 40 years ago in the backyard of a small motel. Celebrant cost $70. No reception. We just wanted each others company and we’re still happily together. Oh, and my mother took 3 photographs.

      • Laurie and I were married 37 years ago. More elaborate than your wedding, but modest by many standards. Laurie’s mom had a photographer, but it was still modest compared to the weddings I was photographing at that time.

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