Beaver Grooming

A beaver has been sitting like a bear on the riverbank across from Beaver Point grooming itself in the evenings after sunset. I took the video above last night. During the first part of the video the beaver was about 300 feet south of where I was standing, so when I zoomed in with the video processing software, there’s a soft focus on the beaver. I walked down through the brush and got almost directly across from the beaver, so the video has better focus for the last part. After moving across from the beaver it noticed me, got into the river, and slapped its tail against the water a couple of times. The tail slaps are a little week because when the beaver pauses to splash, the current interrupts the power of the splash. Tail slaps are much loader and more forceful in calmer water. The audio is of the river rushing by, traffic from I-25 to the east, and jets flying overhead.

The photos below were from the June 1st. The beaver was about 200 feet north of me, but it was later, and much darker. I was not able to get the camera to focus for video that night, but I was able to enhance the stills so they are bright with fairly good detail.

Grooming its tail
Scratching its belling
Leaning forward to scratch a bit lower
Grooming its face


18 thoughts on “Beaver Grooming

  1. Aww how sweet. You did a great job of capturing him. We had a pond growing up and several beavers decided to dam up the pond. We never did get photos. These are great Tim.

  2. It was a treat to see the beaver in the video! The still images are always a treat. 🙂

  3. I have to admit I laughed out loud when I first read the title of this post, I wasn’t sure what to expect! lol! I was delighted to see your cute video, looks like he’s got an itch!

    • Hi Tiffany. They do the grooming to get the oil from their skin to their pelt to keep them waterproof. But it did look like he had the seven year itch.

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