Terrapene ornata


I found this Western Ornate Box Turtle lying and the road where he would have been smashed by a driver not paying attention. I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out of the car, grabbed him and brought him home. I took a couple of photos of him on our counter before I let him go on our property under the giant Dr. Huey.





Dr. Huey

27 thoughts on “Terrapene ornata

    • HI Leah. It’s so sad when critters get on the roads and get hit by cars. That’s great you do your part, also.

  1. They are endangered in the wild here, at The Holler, and I never see them, although some find them on the road like you.
    Apparently, they get confused if not in their own territory, and many die, like relocated reptiles.
    You may want to look for him tomorrow. Affix a string to his shell with scotch tape and see if you can monitor him and find out how he is doing. If he is not doing well, you can keep him in your yard, with plentiful food and places to hide.
    I had a box turtle as a companion as a kid. I always knew how he was doing, even when he hibernated.
    Box Turtles are incredibly cool creatures.

    • Hi Cindy. Fortunately our property is not too far from where I found it. That’s not to say it escaped from someone else’s property. I’ll look for it and see how it’s doing.

  2. Thank you for saving such a beautiful animal! I’ll raise my cup of coffee to honour you, my friend!

  3. Lucky turtle! Lucky you! How do cats and turtles get along?
    Anyway, the new home looks awesome. Will you name it?

  4. That is one lucky box turtle! I also appreciate the effort to photograph it against the white before you let it settle in under the Dr Huey!

  5. You hero you. I’m always tempted to stop and get them too but I don’t like turtles. So I pray for it is that dumb? This time of year there are so many critters on the road I worry with the floods that they will find dry land. πŸ˜›

    • Hi Michelle. You don’t like turtles? Turtles are the one reptile most people like.

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