28 thoughts on “Jeremiah & The Lizards

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I got photos of a beaver sitting like a person on the opposite bank of the river looking like a bear the other night. The problem is it was getting dark, so the photos aren’t as clear as I would like.

  1. Really like the Jeremiah portraits, but I’m a little concerned about his dilated pupils and whether or not he’s leading the lizards astray. Frogs always seem to have personalities and are great photographic subjects.

  2. What great pics. Lizard come in through the fireplace sometimes. Only once has one like the first one come in (at least that I know about). At the moment I cannot pull up the name, but it is the State Lizard of New Mexico. A FB friend commented that when she was growing up, those lizards were very common and friendly, but that she had not seen one in years. Thanks for all of those, but especially the first one!

    • Hi Susan. The NM State Reptile is the Whiptail Lizard (the one the the first photo ). Whiptails are still the most common lizards we have. I see lots of them in the yard, on the ditch banks and in the bosque. The Roadrunner infestation we had about 25 years ago wiped out most of our lizards for many years, but the lizards have made a comeback.

  3. Yes, Whiptail Lizard…Thank you! I’m glad they are coming back, at least where you are. I have seen a very few here recently, but they definitely are not the most common – yet, hopefully – up here in the Heights. We do have a lot of roadrunners in the neighborhood.

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