31 thoughts on “The Bunker

      • In your conversation with Mia, if it’s near the Petroglyph National Monument, it could a storage structure or a blocked off entry into a more sensitive petroglyph site. Unfortunately, glyphs are susceptible to defacing and theft.

      • The petroglyphs are on the south facing escarpment. This bunker is at the base of a north facing escarpment. I believe it predates the area being named a monument. What’s in it is a mystery.

      • What is inside may be a mystery, but so is the effort to conceal its presence … the “Roswell Factor” at play. πŸ™‚

      • Tristan said it’s part of a water project entrance to a cistern or something of that nature.

  1. Super photo, Tim! What an interesting structure. I like the color and texture, at a distance is it supposed to look like an outcropping of rocks? Well, I’m enjoying thinking about that. It might be nice and cool, as well as cool in there. Is this something you pass on your walks?

    • Hi Mia. This is in the escarpment on the west mesa in the Petroglyph National Monument. This is close to Tristan’s house. I was meeting a person at Tristan’s this afternoon. He called and told me he was running late, so I went for a walk along the base of the escarpment.

      • It was sunny and 85. We are supposed to be getting rain in the next few days. We’ll see.

      • Sunny and 85 sounds delightful. It’s been May Gray here, with rain late last night into this morning. Possibly more rain tonight. I shouldn’t complain the garden has enjoyed the extra water, and it’s a great year for roses so far.

  2. Well now, that sets the imagination rolling. I thought I remembered you talking about this in the past. From the comments I see I was wrong. It must have been some other mysterious place where you weren’t supposed to go. LOL
    I hope you and Tristan had a great day. Hugs!

    • Hi Teagan. I searched and didn’t see that I had posted another photo of the bunker. But I might have posted one and in the nearly ten years I’ve been posting photos. You might be remembering correctly. It is mysterious.

  3. There are some noteworthy bunkers in the Monzano Mountains. Maybe you posted something about them in the past.

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