13 thoughts on “Spider in the Wind

  1. That little spider is a pretty good architect/builder. The second photograph lets me see the glistening of one strand, while the first lets my imagination picture the complexity of the web from the small, glistening spots. Thank you.

    • Hi Susan. It’s amazing how they get their webs anchored and built across what are huge distances in comparison to their size.

  2. Great shots, they are beautiful beings. They’re sly little boogers too. I capture them with my small glass and postcard system to take them outside. Sometimes they spot me spotting them, in the 3 seconds it often takes to grab stated glass, they devised an escape route & have vanished. I’m left dumb-founded saying aloud, “Come here you cute bastard, I’m your friend, you’ll be happier in the warm sun!” like a moron.

    • Thanks, Dawn. We leave spiders in the house with the exception of Black Widows. They get put outside.

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