Lunar Eclipse


This is the super moon eclipse from full moon through the full eclipse. We’ve had varying cloud cover tonight, and as it got closer to the full eclipse, the clouds became more dense almost completely blocking out the moon. They thinned out a little at the maximum eclipse, but the eclipsed moon was fuzzy looking through the clouds.

29 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. When it reached maximum here, it was one of the darkest eclipse we’ve seen visually. Through the viewfinder, it was more the “blood” color one would expect. With the moon directly overhead, it was difficult to get a good shot. At least the eclipse came on the right night; tomorrow, we may have blizzard conditions outside.

  2. No clouds in this part of the world. I had a great time and enjoyed this wonderful event. It was cold, kinda. Mr. Bowie stayed inside at -7º C.

    • You hit it with your best shot is about all you can do with eclipses in the winter. I had hard frost on my tripod by the end of the eclipse. Thanks, Teri!

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