24 thoughts on “Fire & Phantasm

    • Hi Michelle Marie. I tried to do this post last night and the photos would not load. Zenfolio is having problems with photo processing, and it’s a photo site. It’s very frustrating. Otherwise, things are going fairly well. How about you?

      • Oh I know exactly what you mean. It’s odd when artist like us want our stuff to work right and when they don’t it’s a little like we lose a little inspiration in the moment type feeling. I have a big interview Thursday with a huge opportunity for me and I’m hoping I get hired. I made it through till the last however many they pick. I figure I only need one job so the right one will be mine! 😀 Kinda funny when I type it here like speaking out loud. I think this winter time is a deep thinking time for deep thinkers ! 😀 Hope that made sense. 🙂 Thank you for asking Tim 🙂

    • Thanks, Teagan. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bonfire, especially with the temperature below freezing.

  1. Wow! I haven’t been to a bonfire since…. well, a long time ago. You have to be well out of Toronto to have one. But, hey, we are now allowed to have a couple of backyard egg chickens. I won’t be getting any. My cats don’t eat eggs, but they might like chickens.
    So, your final shot of the wall and gate is amazing. The first 2 are mighty interesting!

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