7 thoughts on “First Snow on the 2nd

    • Hi Julia! You have to get right outside to experience snow here. Once the sun comes out, the snow is gone.

  1. I adore the look of new fallen snow. I had no idea it snowed at all where you live. Anyway, it will snow here soon enough, but it will only look pristine for a couple of hours before it turns into grimy city snow. Gorgeous shots, Timothy, and Marbles looking good!

    • Hi Resa. We do get snow down here, somethings up to two feet or more (pretty rare these days). The valley where we are is 5,000 feet above sea level, and the Sandias are at 11,000 ft. Our highest mountain in northern, NM is over 13,000 feet. New Mexico has a lot of ski areas, which are popular destinations. I prefer the snow stay in the mountains.

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