13 thoughts on “Gargoyle in a Bubble

  1. We are in Brittany at the moment, so closer to you geographically than we have ever been. Not, however, as close as that rat …

    • We are so close yet so far away. Is the Tour de France going through Brittany this year? Will you be anywhere near a stage of the Tour?

      • I’m not sure whether it is or not – I haven’t seen any adverts for it. Do you have plans to travel this way? We are under 3 hours by train from Paris.

      • Hi Julia. We don’t have plans to go outside of Paris. The conference limits how much we can be tourists.

      • Hi Julia. I just looked at the Tour map and the first 7 stages were in Brittany.

      • That’s a shame. We are not far from St Malo and Mont St Michel. I think you’d love it. Perhaps on your next trip … It’s several years since we visited Paris. I’d love to return, but you have to be fit and healthy to take advantage of a city break. Perhaps that’s in my future … I keep hoping.

        Wishing you and Laurie a wonderful stay.

    • Would you have stood on the bench and screamed? Laurie gave out a little scream, and then we and a Chinese family laughed about the rats making their runs for the cover of the garden. Thanks, Teri.

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