17 thoughts on “Owliance Famille

  1. Big owl looks like a character and Mama owl is a beauty. I looked up ‘bosque’ as I had never heard of it… then I had to look up ‘riparian’…

    • Hi Michelle. The owls are adorable and have great personalities. You would really enjoy them in person.

      • I know I would. I love to listen to them hunting in the evening. I’ve never actually gotten as close as you guys did. Well done 🦉

      • Two or three owls will sit in the cottonwoods on our property and hoot back and forth to each other all night long. I love listening to them.

      • Oh I have some too. They hunt at night. I have a friend who loves owls and they said that they hoot to let the others know how close they are to the prey. They move closer and closer till they get it! I love listening to them too! You’re photos are really great as always! 🙂

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