11 thoughts on “Seven Rose Saturday

    • Thanks, AmyRose. I think we have about 130 different rose bushes right now. At one point we had around 300, but cold winters, late frosts and early frosts have taken their toll over the years.

      • I cannot even begin to imagine what you must do to keep these rose bushes healthy. I know mine keep me running at times and there have actually been moments when I have been tempted to dig them up because of all the work they require. I applaud you for having as many roses as you do!

      • It’s very dry out here, so I mainly have to water them. We don’t get mildew and other rose diseases very often because of the dryness. Late and early frosts are the biggest killer of rose bushes for us.

      • It is very humid here in the summer so I have to deal with mildew and black spot a lot. And then there are always the insects. I make sure every winter that I build a cone over the cane consisting of mulch and leaves in order for my rose bushes to make it through each winter. I live in New York state and we are known for very cold and bitter Winters. On the whole I have only lost perhaps three rose bushes since I have begun growing them. I don’t think that’s a bad average.

      • Only three lost rose bushes is excellent. We have a bucket filled the name plates from roses we’ve lost. Many lived for 20 to 30 years before they died, so that might have been their lifecycles. We mulch our roses to protect the bud unions, but it’s mostly the late frosts that get them after they have a lot of tender growth. We had a really hard frost at the end of May in 2005 and lost 70 rose bushes to it. We have had hard frosts as late as early June. This year has been mild and we actually have fruit on all the fruit trees. And the first year we have plums on our 5 on 1 plum tree we planted 18 years ago. It always blooms in March and it’s blossoms have always been killed by frost. All the fruit usually gets killed by late frosts, as well. The last time we had fruit on all the trees, besides the 5 on 1 plum tree, was 2003.

      • We who have gardens and orchids know what it is like to depend on the weather. This Spring for us has been so very strange with temps warming up then getting slammed with snow and ice a few times. I’m seeing trees that actually died and our Kuso Dogwood is not doing well at all. My flowers? Basically all flowered at once instead of in stages. The one extremely delightful surprise are my lilacs and peonies, the smell to the likes I’ve never smelled before. And because the weather turned cooler after having the warmest May in 150 years, the flowers are staying longer and there are more of them. For days now I’ve been “high” on their fragrance. I’ve been given a bit of Heaven ……

      • Nice. It’s so dry out here, we don’t get much fragrance from flowers and roses.

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