13 thoughts on “Four

      • Seen them now. Beth’s boyfriend is a huge Star Wars geek. He’d love these!

      • There seems to be a lot of people who are into Star Wars. I talked to the storm trooper and he made his costume from scratch. He said he made the injection molds for the plastic parts and everything. That’s dedication. I walked back through that area about an hour later and he had taken off his helmet as his shift had ended, and another stormtrooper was taking over. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but he had to be in his late 60’s to early 70’s. I was a teenager when Star Wars came out. It was cool, but I didn’t go nuts over it. He would have been in the prime target demographic of early to mid 20’s.

      • With my kids’ generation it seems to be either Star Wars or Harry Potter, with some LOTR thrown in. There are areas of overlap, too!

      • I had a lot of friends who were artists, musicians, dancers and theater types, so Rocky Horror was still the cult film of choice when Star Wars came out.

      • I would not advise you to rush out and see it. Although we saw a stage play of Rocky Horror as part of a season tickets series we had years ago, and the live performance was much better than the movie I have to say. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad or any of those shows, and I get that same feeling like I’m the only one.

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