7 thoughts on “Didn’t Get The Memo

  1. Ha! Great, glad you got the permit. Is my memory correct, is that the garage that you climbed the stairs and got BFL? Silver looks somehow quite comfortable on the counter of stinkin’ dreams. I can see why Rosencrantz disappeared to enjoy the clouds over the Sandias. Tim, gorgeous photo of Rosencrantz and the Sandias.

    • Hi Mia. The parking garage is where I went to do the weekly photographs of the Imperial Building construction for over a year. We climbed the 18 floors in the Bank of New Mexico Building. I haven’t gone back to climbing stairs in the bank building because my white counts and ANC are still low — the air is not the best in an enclosed stairwell. Silver is beautiful and the stinker has been trying to rub on me, keeps climbing in my lap and trying get extra attention.

      • Thank you for reminding me of the story. I hope you will be able to resume climbing the stairs when your white count and ANC are not low. Extra attention, yay! Have a good evening, Tim.

      • I can get a lot of floors easily doing a couple of laps on the stairs in the parking garage.

    • Thanks, Fraggle. I seemed to have a talent for BLF. I guess I need to look more carefully at developing sensory augmented reality so you can get the full olfactory experience. On the other had, maybe you should just think of yourself as lucky that you can’t smell Silver from there.

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