The Things We Do For Luck


I notice a lot of people do photo challenges on their blogs. I don’t quite understand photo challenges, and I have never done a photo challenge. I started thinking if I did a photo challenge what would I do. After some thought, I decided the most challenging photo challenge I could do is to stop doing photos…

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22 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Luck

  1. Today, I’ve seen a couple of references to eating black eyes peas. I’d never heard of this tradition before. Hope you enjoyed them. Happy New Year!

  2. That is interesting. I like the picture that you had a number of metal clamps on the baskets. It likes modern age machinery clashes with the vintage handmade kind. It is funny in a way.

  3. Spunk could make you millions, there are not many cats that are that photogenic and do such unusual things — like fix baskets! and help cook!
    Love the pics and story about your adventures with Laurie and Spunk.

  4. Clearly Spunk relishes the role of supervisor!

    (We also started the year off eating black-eyed peas, amongst other yummy dishes, enjoyed in the company of good friends. Always a good way to kick off the new year.)

  5. How delightful! Please don’t stop taking photos….and Happy New Year. Mine was photos sin black eyed peas. Guess I’ll have to live on my own spunk and no luck. 😉

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