Hospital Day Eighteen — Rising


All the important counts were whole numbers this morning, rising as much as 10 times from yesterday…

24 thoughts on “Hospital Day Eighteen — Rising

  1. Great news, the fact that your doctor said you may be able to go home on Tuesday, shows he’s confident that you are going to fully recover.

    • Thanks, Sara! I was in the hospital for 20 1/2 days. It was really hard because I was there for a stem cell transplant, so I wasn’t sick going in, and even though I got super intense chemo to kill my bone marrow before the stem cell transplant, I never got sick or any of the usual side effects, and I never really felt bad the whole time I was in the hospital; therefore, not being able to leave the floor was more like being in jail than being in the hospital. Most days were sunny and warm, but I couldn’t go outside, — I could just watch the beautiful days pass by. I was able to occupy myself and keep busy well enough, but being cooped up was really difficult.

      • I can only image how hard it was, but you did a fantastic job continuing to post always great content on your blog and doing other things. Enjoy your home stay! 🙂

      • Thanks, Sara! I’ve been back at work since Monday. I would go stir crazy being at home and not working.

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