16 thoughts on “Cute Corn Snake

  1. I love snakes, very intelligent beings.
    Whenever I see a snake, I’m in awe, one never knows what the snake is going to do, it’s always funny when they play dead, because they are so good at it, every time I’m convinced they are dead and go and get a stick to move them (out of respect) only to find out that they are alive as they slither away!

    • Hog nosed snakes are the best at playing dead. Laurie tried to move a hognose snake off the trail once so it wouldn’t get run over by bikes. She didn’t know they played dead, so when it started going through it’s whole drama queen, you killed me act, it totally freaked her out as she thought she had mortally wounded it somehow. When she told me about it I asked her if she had filmed it? See said she didn’t because she felt bad thinking she’s accidentally killed it. She told Tristan about it and Tristan asked her if she film it. Funny how some of us think the same. It would have been great to have a film of the snake going through it’s dying and playing dead act.

      • Indeed, it would be great to have a film of that, but then, it’s difficult to do because they are too convincing about being dead and the shock of it is so distracting that it doesn’t come to mind to film it due to the surprise that it’s alive factor.

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