25 thoughts on “New Box

      • Yeah! I wish to adopt a cat anytime soon and I’ve been told to don’t worry about a little bed for it and just get a box haha 🙂

      • Hi Lari! Cat’s like their own bed, but they especially like our bed. On cold mornings, I end up will all 7 cats on me. But they do love boxes, and strings with feathers on the end.

      • Yeah, I saw this toy with the string and the feathers! I’m still learning about cats and I would like mine to have a good life. Brasil is rarely cold, but I bet it will go to my bed anyways :p

      • Cats can be very comforting to sleep with. I have trouble sleeping if I don’t have a cat or two or three…

      • They are the cutest trouble makers. My cat Pupkin passed in the spring last year & I still miss his antics. (He was 17 & 1/2)

      • I don’t think you ever stop missing them. We’ve lost a few kitties over the past couple of years and we really miss them. We have three older kitties at two at 16 and one at 17 years old that are starting to have health problems.

      • Sigh! When my Pupkin was fading I worked at home so I could take care of him. They become more and more precious with each day. ❤

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