26 thoughts on “Shades of Orange

  1. HI HI HI! I commented on your website! I’ve been wanting to get over here and see what’s cooking on this side of Route 66. Love these all of them! 😀 That spider was scary! You are really brave! 😀

  2. Pumpkins are so halloweeny!!
    You know, here we are a bit criticized by a few for following some of the American’s traditions such as the halloween. But, I can’t help it! It’s so cool 🙂 t

      • Small parties are best. I think trick or treating is silly (never really did trick or treating as a kid, because it was too far between houses), but for people who like to put on costumes it’s a wonderful time. Out here it just extents the party time with Dia de los Muertos following halloween.

        Funny thing is we never get trick or treaters coming to our house on halloween. Haven’t had a single trick or treater in over 30 years. I think our property is too scary in the dark, and besides we do have real ghosts and monsters that roam around our place at night.

      • Oh yeah. The cats can see the ghosts, we only hear and smell them, and the ghosts often steal things from us.

        Laurie won’t go outside the immediate vicinity of the house at night because of the monsters. I just deal with them, and enlist their help when I’m irrigating and battling gophers in the middle of the night

        The monster like to rustle around, growl and carry on in the bamboo when we are sitting on the deck. It really creeps people out who are not used to dealing with monsters and didn’t think they believed in monsters until they sat out on our deck at night.

      • Hmm… This is kinda weird!
        I do believe in ghosts (or souls or whatever they are). A man lived in my house for years and I have seen some other ones here and in other places. But, think I never had to deal with monsters!!

      • Would you be willing to send it t me? I want it on my iPad for a screensaver, it’s so much fun to look at.

      • WoW! It’s fantastic for the iPad!
        You ought to think of selling some of your photos for screensavers saver and whatever else they call it, I think the iPhone market could use them too, the pic is fantastic on the iPad!
        Thanks a million and one, Tim!

      • No, it’s me that has something to thank you for, you are too humble, but that’s a good thing, humility is an adornment of the soul.

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