18 thoughts on “Blood Moon Rising

  1. I own a semi-professional camera and, as expected, had trouble photographing the moon this day, especially when it was red. I stayed out for over an hour following the whole event and I loved it ❤ It crossed my mind you would probably be photographing as well. Amazing result!

      • Hi West. I moved my blog to my photo site on Zenfolio in February. I’ve had the Zenfolio site since 2009, and I would have originally set up the blog on it in 2010 when I moved from CaringBridge to a regular blog, but Zenfolio did not have a blog available at that time.

        The blog is not as user friendly for subscribing as WP (no email subscriptions), and does not have subthreads for comments, but it is way more secure and easier for me to post photos on it than it is on WP since WP updated the admin pages, making it much more difficult to create new posts with photos. Now I post links every so often to the WP archive with a link to my blog.

        I had moved back to the basic Zenfolio account before I moved my blog to it, but if I were to go back to a pro account, it could sell photos through the site.

      • that’s great! I’m going to take a look at them as well… I’m considering making some changes– can you tell me if I could block a particular IP address on zenfolio? I have a certain follower who posts the most horrible comments on my posts ….grrrrrr ha!

      • I didn’t see anything to block IPs right off hand, but I inquired about it. I let you know what the tech staff have to say.

      • Hi West, the answer to IP blocking is basically no. Here’s the answer to the question:

        “One of the downsides to having a open area (where a viewer can add comments or reply) is that it opens itself up for spammers who have nothing better to do than to waste everyone’s time. Unfortunately the only way to completely stop this is to disable that field completely.

        Alternatively, we offer comment and guestbook moderation so that any public comments must be approved by you before they are displayed on your site. While this can’t stop private messages from being sent to you it can at least stop them from being publicly visible.”

        The moderation option is the same on the blog.

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