12 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Magic – and YOU took that close-up????? Perhaps you should work for NASA!!! absolutely magnificent – both of them!!!!! Thanks for ordering the battery charger – I will get a check over to you tomorrow – it arrived yesterday just as planned!!! P.

  2. I absolutely love moon pictures. Your’s are stunning!

    I remember a day when I was about 13/14 and my mom was taking me back home from school. We had a straight long avenue ahead and the moon seemed to be waiting for us at the end of the avenue. It was SO big and yellow! I felt like we were driving onto the moon. And I also remember asking my mom “is this right? is it real?”. I don’t now… Words can’t describe how amazed I was.

    • What a beautiful memory Lari! The moon rising just over the horizon can look so big that it doesn’t seem real. Thanks!

  3. Awesome photos! Mother Moon is beautiful in all her forms, from crescent sliver to full face. Thank you for sharing them, Timothy.

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