France Day 24 Marie Antoinette


The Louvre and many other museums are closed on Tuesday, so we went to the Crypt under the plaza in front of Notre Dame. where they have Roman and medieval ruins and really nice interactive presentations on the history of Paris. Than we went to the Palace of Justice where the Sainte Chapelle and Ile de la Cité Conciergerie are. There are an impressive set of gates at the Palace of Justice.

Sainte Chapelle is a chapel that is stained glass on all sides. They really pushed the limits of gothic cathedral style construction with Sainte chapelle. From the outside it is buttressed with the stained glass set deep in between the buttresses so you don’t realize how much it is all stained glass until you get inside. You enter at the lower floor to a brightly painted vaulted room that supports the floor of the chapel. Then you climb a narrow spiral staircase and enter into the tall, narrow naive and a kaleidoscope of stained glass.

The Conciergerie was used as the main prison during the French Revolution and housed famous prisoners including Marie Antoinette. The literature said they would seat 2000 people in the large, vaulted hall, which has several large fireplaces in the middle ages. There were several little rooms set up to recreate the sense of the time, and room with the names of the 2600 guillotined, and a the room where Marie Antoinette was held until her trial and execution.

In the afternoon we sat out on the roof and watched people on the street.














8 thoughts on “France Day 24 Marie Antoinette

  1. The height of the ceilings mind blowing! The second photo I love. I can imagine that was interesting standing where so much history was made. I wonder if Marie thought she would be such a huge part of history for future generations! You have been blogging for along time! Thank you for sharing this with me. Each one is like a piece of art in and of itself! 😀

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