A Pug With No Name*

I’m a sweet little fellow

With a face that’s molto bello

I watch the clouds for rain.

I have a loving family

Life would be as sweet as candy

If I only had a name!

Liza, our planner, brought her adorable Pug to the office today. He’s a wonderful, really well behaved dog. But he doesn’t have a name. Liza is open to suggestions for names.

*He his really a French Bulldog, and not a Pug at all. However, the title goes better calling him a Pug with no name.

108 thoughts on “A Pug With No Name*

      • Thug might might be a good anti-name for him. Liza has a female Pug who is more wild, Thug might be a good name for her.

      • I kinda like it. It’s like when we had a chihuahua-fox terrier mix that my neighbour used to call “Killer” LOL.

      • Another anti-name I thought of is Bödvar Bjarki from Hrólfs saga kraka. Bödvar Bjarki means “Warlike little bear”. Bödvar is a Beowulf in Hrólfs saga kraka. It’s a wonderful story if you haven’t read it.

      • I figured. Is Rogerson your maiden name? That’s mostly Scottish I would think. But I’ll bet you have some Viking you your blood from sometime in the past.

      • Yes, it is. We are not even allowed to take our husband’s last name here in Quebec! He was a MacIsaac. So both of us Scots. Though Rogerson came to Scotland by way of Normandy and yes, there is some mention of Viking somewhere…

      • I’ll take a hard pass. If it’s as “hilarious” as Life of Brian is supposed to be, it ain’t my cuppa…

      • That is a problem. Good for you. Had the dog had a rattlesnake vaccine?

      • No. He was trying to vaccinate the rattlesnake. I yelled “OFF!” at him. Then he backed off. I yelled at him to go in the ‘doggie door’ and he did.

        He turned around and watched me, his head: outside, his tail end: inside.

        (American Cocker Spaniel!)

      • Thanks Timothy Price!

        He was always an adventure to hike with. He was afraid of almost nothing if I was with him. So I had to keep him an a leash. A dog like that will bring you a bear, given the right set of circumstances.

        So, I called him some rude names (which I don’t think he understood.). Cancer got him eventually.

      • Hi!

        Stage 4 cancer. It was throughout his body when it was discovered. His liver was almost gone, replaced by a tumour.

        He was a great pet, but an enthusiastic hunter. I kept him in a walking harness when we walked, only partly to protect him.

      • It’s tough with animals because they often won’t show symptoms until it’s too late.

      • Thanks Timothy Price!

        Tough too, when you see that you have missed serious symptoms when you are (almost?) ready to believe the dog is your best friend.

      • I think Cockers are always trying to please their human pals. They are fearless.

  1. JYP suggestion of Dewey after Dewey Bunnell from the band America is a good one. I was thinking along the same lines, with the song A Horse With No Name in mind. If not Dewey, Gerry after Gerry Beckley or Peek after Dan Peek, the other two bandmates from America.

    • Hi David. I started to to go with “I’m a pug in the desert and I don’t have a name…” but I I decided borrowing from the Wiz of Oz “If I only had a name.” worked better with the last photo. Gerry and Peek are great names.

  2. I’ve always heard that a dog’s name should contain a diphthong.
    For example, what do you think of a name like “MILO” ?

    • Milo is great. Now that you mentioned that the pug with no name reminds me of my friend Milo. Thanks, Rudi.

  3. Hi Tim, I think his name should be “Bogart”. He just looks like that’s his name.

  4. How about bugs? he’s cute as a bugs ear and has long ears like bugs bunny.. sooooo cute. BTW your roses look perfect around the edges. was that a joke? I never know with you💖💖🤣🤣🤣🤣

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