Happy Snake

Blue happily digesting dinner on her hot spot. She has a cute mustache.

If you ever wondered what a happy snake looks like, this is about as good as it gets. Blue was content and happily lounging on her hot spot last night after having two large rats for dinner. I feed her pre-killed rats once a month that I buy frozen, keep in the freezer, and thaw out a couple of days before feeding time. Then I heat the thawed rats in hot water before I feed them to her.

She decided she was really hungry last night after she shed her skin a few days ago. She was striking at anything that moved, mostly me, as I got her from her encloser into her feeding box. When I threw the heated rat in the feeding box, she grabbed it and constricted it like it was live prey. But then instead of just eating it, she had to play with it for a while. This is the only snake I know of that plays with her food. It’s very annoying because I want her to eat her rats so I can put her back in her enclosure.

How does a snake play with a dead rat you may be asking? After she’s constricted it for a while, she will bite it and drag it around the feeding box, push it around the feeding box with her nose, start to eat it, then stop, and check the other end of the rat. Often when I open the feeding box to see how she’s progressing, she will strike at me, and then resume playing with her food.

After she finishes eating her rats, she is satisfied and very easy to handle.


63 thoughts on “Happy Snake

  1. Great photo and thoughts, Timothy. During the early 1980’s I kept a Sand Boa? Not sure the proper name but it looked very much if not identical to your boa. I recall hearing the bones crunching as the snake constricted the prey. hehe… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ No matter what I did, the snake got out of it’s enclosure and seemed to like crawling between the box spring and mattress in the apartment. Creepy… πŸ‘»

    • I had snakes that were escape artists. This boas is in a very secure enclosure.

      If the one you had looked like my boa it was probably a red-tailed boa. Sand boas have very different markings and their markings vary greatly between specimens, whereas, red-tailed boas have more consistent markings. You could have had a sand boa, they are common in the pet trade, and they can have coloring similar to red-tailed boas.

  2. He’s a beauty. My son had a Corn Snake, the Vet next door gave him to him. he was pretty. I remember they would stun the mouse and let the snake do the rest. I was not into it at all. He escaped his cage one night and out of the corner of my eye I saw him coming down the hallway otherwise he’d probably still be holed up under a bed somewhere. That’s a gorgeous snake and great photo.

    • Thanks, Holly. Pre-killed frozen mice and rats are much easier to deal with. There’s a woman I see on the ditch who told me her son got a corn snaken. She said her son moved out, but she still has the snake and takes care of it.

      • It was a number of years ago that Mitch had the snake. I guess the vet told his Dad how to handle the feeding. It was quite harsh and I hated the stunning process but the Vet said the snake wouldn’t eat a dead mouse and a conscious mouse would reek havoc with the snake. Eventually my son decided to set the snake free in an overgrown field. He was beautiful, orange yellow and black.

  3. Well I admit I have never thought of a snake looking happy. Now I know better. Is the shedding of the skin something that wears Blue out or is it and easy task?

    • Hi Maj & Sher. I don’t think most people think much about happy snakes. In the winter when it’s really dry, it’s more difficult to keep the humidity up in her enclosure, sometimes she has difficult sheds when it’s really dry. This last shed was easy for her. The old skin came off in one piece.

    • Thanks, Marina. She does well with other boa constrictors and pythons, but she would eat the cats and birds. She is in a secure enclosure in a separate room from the other animals. She’s large almost 9 feet (3 meters) long.

  4. I didn’t know they had rats in boil-n-bag. I might need to be more careful when shopping at the supermarket, lol. πŸ™‚

    Mark this on your calendar: Sep 25-27 – New Mexico Hunter-Jumper Harvest Festival.
    Chance to see some really nice horses, meet some equestrians. Hunter/jumpers are an easy-going crowd, they’re quite open to photos and lots of chatting. Just before the International Balloon Fiesta.

  5. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Adorable! I guess I like her attitude. The best time to play with them is after they are fed. This one is gorgeous…look at the skin!😘

  6. That is a handsome snake Timothy. I am afraid of snakes, yet at the same time, I am fascinated by them. Just look at the picture. Fascinating. However, most people think I am crazy. Every time I mention a snake in my writings I get all sorts of exclamations of disgust and horror. So thank you for showing everyone one happy snake.

    • I don’t know what people’s problems are. If I complained about everything I don’t like that turns up in people’s writings, I would be a very annoying person. If I let the mention of everything I don’t like in people’s writing bother me, I don’t think there would not be much point to reading. Maybe that’s why a lot of people don’t read? People learn and expand their minds by reading about things they don’t necessarily like or things they disagree with.

      • I don’t know either. “People learn and expand their minds by reading about things they don’t necessarily like or things they disagree with.” I agree with you.
        The other day I got a beautiful review of my book (not on Amazon, on anther site). However, the reviewer took a star away from me because I used some words he could not understand. Just think about. I am not a native speaker of English. The reviewer is. I was speechless.

      • I don’t get it. Look up the words if you don’t know them! There are over a million words in the English language, any one person knows of fraction of those million plus words. Dinging you a star for using “big words” is ridiculous. You learn new words from reading and looking up the words you don’t know. And looking up words is super easy these days with the Internet.

      • I don’t understand either. However, it’s not the star that I am worried about. I am afraid that when it comes to education we are lowering the bar.

      • True. I was thinking with poetry you often have to use rather obscure words to make a point and fit the meter. I’m never surprised to find words I don’t know reading poetry.

  7. Haha! I have never heard of a snake that plays with their food! I rarely had luck with feeding my snakes already dead prey, so I raised rats. After a time, I started to like the rats more and kept them instead!

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