Bye Bye Blue


Blue, our 19 year old boa constrictor, who is soon to turn 20, has flown the coup, so to speak. She moved out of our house, and moved in with Tristan. Blue will be happy at Tristan’s because she will get more attention now. I’m not supposed to handle reptiles because of my compromised immune system; therefore, I only handled Blue to get her out of her cage to feed her and clean her cage; and most of the handling was with a snake stick. She is a family snake and has lived with Tristan before.

Blue checking out her cage to make sure everything was in order.


21 thoughts on “Bye Bye Blue

  1. I am so happy to see her! She is beautiful & I can see in her eyes she is a kind girl! Reptiles are so particular about their enclosures! It’s cute. Unlike the furry animals that often seem excited about change & new items, reptiles seem to think, “Wait, what’s up with this? I’m not sure what you people are devising & I’m going to think on this for a spell. You’ll know if I’m displeased later.”

  2. I am glad she is with Tristan, and still a family member. Hopefully you will be able to photograph Blue from time to time. I love her little mustache. 🙂

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