We haven’t seen the badgers the last two nights. Either they were foraging farther away from their den, not coming out as early, or they got tired of the attention and moved their den. Their den is roughly 50 feet from the main trail in the bosque that gets a lot of foot, dog, bike and horse traffic. For the couple of times we have seen the badgers they were very cooperative. If you missed the video of the badgers I posted last week, you can watch it at









28 thoughts on “Badgers

  1. Lol! That last pic… the badger is adorable. I really like their little faces. Thank you for the wonderful shts, Timothy!

    • Your are welcome, Resa. I never realized how adorable badgers are before I met them up close and personal. They are known to be bad tempered, but these were not aggressive or particularly bothered by us.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics. I think-well hope-that they will show up again. I think they will. They are so cute!

    • Hi Cindy. We didn’t know we had them. I’ve played, explored and walked in the bosque for over 50 years, and had never seen a badger until last week. They where a complete surprise.

  3. Oh wow I love the last one. I think he’s smiling for you! So sweet. I’ve never seen a badger before with my own two eyes. Lucky you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Hollie. These are called North American Badgers. Honey badgers are black with silver hair on the top of their head and their back.

      • Thanks, Hollie. I hadn’t thought about how adorable badgers are until I saw these three. They’re mostly described as cranky and vicious. One person at our office couldn’t believe that badgers would come within 50 feet of me without attacking. Badgers don’t have good reputations. Sadly, they kill thousands of them in Europe every year blaming badgers for bovine TB.

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