17 thoughts on “Murals

  1. Tried to comment over on your other site but am getting a reCAPTCHA error:
    ERROR for site owner:
    Invalid domain for site key

    What I was trying to say was that we love murals/graffiti when the quality is as good as this.

  2. So…seriously, I thought I was looking at murals in ABQ…I don’t get out much and I knew there had been a recent presentation…I marveled at the locations that I did not recognize and the bold murals depicted there…then I saw the water and I said….”WAIT a minute”….so where were you????? I think that location – despite the fact that the talent was extraordinary – has a social issue…platform seems like an opportunity for social commentary…why can it not just be about beauty and a celebration about the positive nature of the cultures around the artist and the setting…POSITIVE – HELLO? P.

    • Hi Patti. The murals in Paris have a very different style than murals in Albuquerque. But curiously enough, the graffiti looks very much the same in both cities.

  3. That’s one heck of a fab post! You took great shots of wonderful street art! I just can’t get enough of the stuff! As I am an intermittent presence in blog world, I hope I didn’t miss another murals post. I’ll go back 5 or 6 to check. Please let me know if I missed one!

    • Hi Resa. The murals is the last post I’ve done for almost a week. Zenfolio has been having problems that prevented comments, and they are still having problems with uploading photos. I ran out of patience with their issues and haven’t posted anything.

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