6 thoughts on “Bosque Butterfiles

  1. Stunning butterflies and photos! There used to be clouds of Monarchs up here, now we see very few. We’ve planted Milkweed to try and help out. Other than that, we see quite a few little white Cabbage butterflies. It’s always a treat to see butterfly pics.

    • We usually have a lot of Painted Ladies, and we had clouds of them last year. This year I’ve seen only a hand full of Painted Ladies. They seem to go in cycles. I’ve never seen a lot of Monarchs at once out here, but we get a steady stream of them in late summer and early fall.

  2. Beautiful photos but that last one is stunning. I’ve wanted to visit Bosque del Apache for birding, but we’re never passing through that area at the right time of year.

    • Thanks, Ingrid. If you are passing through Albuquerque, there are several good birding areas along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque and close to Albuquerque north and south.

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