17 thoughts on “Crocs in the Clear Ditch

  1. LOL! I read “Cross in the Clear Ditch” saw a basket and thought you would find a cross or a baby something in it. Then I wondered where one would get a rubber basket. Then I saw the croc on the shore, and reread the title.
    My eyes are coming along, nicely! 😀

    • Hi Resa. Cross is close, and would be just about as alarming and funny to have a crass floating in the clear ditch. Are you still wearing a patch after your eye surgery?. The Croc is floating in the ditch surrounded by algae.

      • Patch is off! Back to the doc next week. Still, it will be awhile until I can get a prescription for driving. Unfortunately, now that I’m seeing better, the house is filthy.

      • Yes! Thank you, Timothy! I was afraid at first. I was almost completely blind in my left eye for a week. Then slowly, the window’s light, some colour then shapes. Crazy!!

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