13 thoughts on “Road Repairs with a Roadrunner

    • Hi Nancy. Several years ago we had a plague of roadrunners. Several of them would sit on the roof and make they weird clucking noises. When we worked out in the garden, a dozen of roadrunners would circle us waiting to see what goodies we dug up, but at they same time we felt like we were being sized up by velociraptors the whole time they circled us.

      • Oh my goodness! Out in AZ I really have never seen more then one at a time together.
        That had to be a sight for you. And their weird, loud noise… yikes!

        Happy Day to you.

      • Hi Nancy. We normally see only one or two at a time. That year when we had a plague of roadrunners was strange. It’s kind of like this year with all the Great Horned Owls. We have lots and lots of GHOs right now. The year we had all the roadrunners, they ate all the lizards, snakes, most of the insects, and a lot of the birds that come on the property. They cleaned us out of most of the crawling critters we have on the property. Then they left when the cold set in, and that was it. Now we only see an occasional lone roadrunner on the property.

    • Hi Resa. The roadrunner was staying in the shadows, and I was using my carry camera, since I was moving rack, concrete and gravel to fill the sinkhole. That camera has a fairly wide-angle lens, so the roadrunner was getting lost in the shadows. They are nicely camouflaged.

    • Hi Inese. If you’ve been in the southwestern US you might have seen one, but rarely do you see one and not notice. They almost always demand attention with their antics.

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