16 thoughts on “Bitten by a Tse-tse Fly

  1. I’ve seen a few of your many world traveling posts…haven’ comments because life had been crazy…but very fabulous!!! And this one is a hoot! – had to take PAWS…and comment. P.

  2. I see where Spunk gets his name. Or, is he a her? Yes, that’s one spunky Spunk. Hope the mosquito wasn’t overly squashed on the roll over! LOL!

  3. Beautiful shot of Spunk, and the diva attitude is perfectly described both in photo and in writing. Great eye and capture, how did you do it 🙂

    As with those tse-tse flies, last year climbing in Washington, and while annoying during the hike and shooting the mountain goats in the area…I did not realize how horrible they were until descending and having red splotches all over my legs. Itching for a few days and had to have all types of lotions to relieve. Could not believe it, first time I had such a case and not fun – glad that was not the case here 🙂

    • Hi Randall. Those bites sound horrible. Fortunately, Spunk was only pestered by the mosquitos.

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