12 thoughts on “What to Do on a Rainy Day

  1. It rained pretty good in Phoenix and Prescott on Saturday and we were very thankful for the rain. Az has been parched and the fire dangers high. The rain sure felt refreshing!

  2. One of my cats looks like yours! … he looks like a Russian Blue. I found pics of similar cats following that hashtag # on Instagram. But I am not sure about mine 🤫☝️ Great pics and cats could be so curious at times… especially when it comes to Nature… which includes rain, of course… love and best wishes 💜

    • Hi Aquileana. Silver, Loki and Marble are from the same litter of abandoned kittens, and Silver is big, with a Russian Blue look, Loki is all black, and not quite as large as Silver, and Marble is a small calico. I get lots of steps taking critters the kitties bring into the house back outside and letting them go where the cats can’t get to them.

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