8 thoughts on “Economy Crime Politics

    • Hi Mia. I left it without explanation, because I believe it can apply to a lot of places. But I was inspired to create the image from New Mexico’s place in the 2018 family prosperity index, which is dead last at #50, compared to three of our border states Utah #1, Colorado #6 and Texas #7 . Albuquerque fell from the top 50 in 2016 to 109 in 2018 in the US News & World Reports’ “125 Best Places to Live in the USA”. Again 3 cities in two neighboring states were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd — Austin, TX, Colorado Springs, CO and Denver, CO respectively.

      • Thank you for your reply, Tim. It certainly can apply to a lot of places. I just visited the Family Prosperity Index because I was curious how all the states ranked in the various categories. Utah, seems to be the doing very well across the board.

      • There is a big swath of green states to the north of New Mexico. NM has all the right elements for prosperity: lots of natural resources, good climate, three interstate highways passing through, technology, laboratories, universities, etc. But there is too much state and federal land, regressive taxes, and so much bad politics New Mexico can’t prosper.

        The Spanish colonized an impoverished land that came to be called New Mexico over 400 years ago. When New Mexico became a US territory in 1848 it was still impoverished. It was improvised when it became a state in 1912, and New Mexico remains an impoverished state today. After 400 years of poverty you would think people would have given up on New Mexico a long time ago. But the beauty and mystical qualities of New Mexico, like the sirens that tortured Ulysses, enchant people and they stay in New Mexico, often to their demise. New Mexico is called “the land of enchantment” for good reason.

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