5 thoughts on “Go Go Catzilla

  1. Tim, “Catzilla” is wonderful, and Spunk is perfectly adorable. What a great line, “The kitty does it again and again how much fun he makes us all grin, Catzilla!” He is so much fun to watch, a character. Tim you, Spunk and the Average White Boys did a super job creating this video.

    • Thanks, Mia. Spunk, the AWB and I are all so happy you liked it. The last line in the original song “History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man. Godzilla!” Is such a perfect line to parody, since Spunk does (kills) his tail “again and again” every single night. We’ve put it back twice tonight, already.

      After he kills his tail, we have to praise him, and then he runs up to one of the food dishes and looks at us expectantly. We have to pet him and say “Bless you Spunk!” The blessing makes him happy, he takes a bite or two of food and then runs back to his toy box, kills a lid or other toy, and we have to praise and bless him all over again.

      Spunk and all the kitties are constant sources of entertainment.

      • You’re so welcome, Tim. Haha, the tail has a lot of life in it, thankfully. Amazing where the tail will end up by the morning. I like, “Bless you Spunk!” What a good kitty, doing his job to keep all safe from the tail and the lids. They are such a wonderful source joy and of entertainment.

      • Another interesting aspect to the tail and lids is that he will not let me photograph him with the tail or lids in his mouth. The moment he sees me with a camera or hears to autofocus, he drops the tail or lids. I had to go way back in my photo archive to get photos of him carrying his tail. It’s really frustrating because he is so cute when he carries his tail and lids, and he’s so good about modeling and performing for the camera with everything else. But he draws the line when it comes to photographs of him killing his tail and lids.

      • Wow, that is interesting. I wonder why he does that? I bet he is so cute with the tail in his mouth, especially now that he’s not a kitten anymore. Hopefully you can one day capture him off guard and get a photo of him with his tail.

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